Koinonia Health
Monday, October 18, 2021
A Ministry of Pastoral Counseling and Chaplaincy Services for Individuals and Families

Our Favorite Sites

        The Spirit of Poohbear: personal blog of Dr. Rogers
             Join us for thought and discussion regarding observation of the
           development of spiritual formation within the Christian community in
           truth and Spirit. (don't forget your 'huny pot'!)
      Iron Sharpens Iron: Exploring the formation of Christian
        We meet Wednesdays at noon, at River of Life Church, in
       Alexandria, LA. Join us for Spiritual and physical food, as well as
        great fellowship. (Leave your denominational guns at the door!)
      Louisiana Baptist Convention - Disaster Relief
        Everything you wanted to know about how to become a volunteer
          disaster relief worker with the Southern Baptist Convention. We do
          it all: feeding, showering, mud-out, ash-out, communications,
          chainsaws, blue roof applications, and even medical work. Join now, to
                             experience the real meaning of "being the church"!
       Southern Baptist Convention endorsed Chaplaincy 
      Dr Rogers is a NAMB endorsed Chaplain for firefighters and disaster
          relief. He provides pastoral and medical counseling, at no charge. You
          need not face your fears and worries alone. Jesus Christ will show you
                the answer for your troubles. Please contact Dr. Rogers on this website
                             if you need counseling help.
    An organization dedicated to addictions recovery. If you are struggling with a "besetting sin" that continues to pull you away from the true worship of Jesus Christ, the tools of RU will definitely help. There is over an 85% sustained recovery at 5 years. This is not a 90 day    program, nor a methodical step program, rather a process devoted to teaching the student sustainable spiritual disciplines in the Christian faith. After all, it is only Jesus Christ's truth that will set you free!!