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Monday, December 06, 2021
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Iron Sharpening Iron

  Proverbs 27:17 "Iron sharpens iron as one man sharpens another."            Proverbs 27:17                      
       Iron Sharpens Iron is a ministry group that meets on
       Wednesdays from12pm to 1 pm at River of Life church
       7001 Masonic Dr, Alexandria, LA.  Bring a lunch if you want to eat. 
              We are focused on the exploration and discovery of the
       application of G_d's word as revealed to us through the Bible. Our discussions are usually based on an article that has been read, a local speaker, or simply
an open topic brought to the table that day.
If you are seeking answers to questions you might have in this area of thought or would
like to engage in discussions in these ideas, you are welcome to attend. We do not allow
proselytizing for your denomination or Religion. We simply ask that you come and share
in the desire to understand G_d's work in building His Kingdom and our participation therein.
We hope to see you there!! 
For further information, please contact: Bill Haliburton (318) 448-0192
 Current Topic being studied: The Book Of Genesis                       
Recommended Reading:
Books (click on the titles for Amazon listings)
      (Andy Andrews)
    (Christianity Today - summer 2012)
2) A Tale of Two Scientists (Evolutionary Creationism) (Christianity Today - summer 2012)
3) The Gospel is More than a Story (Christianity Today - summer 2012)
4) The Problem with Incarnational Ministry (Christianity Today - summer 2012)
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