Koinonia Health
Wednesday, November 30, 2022
A Ministry of Pastoral Counseling and Chaplaincy Services for Individuals and Families
Welcome to Koinonia Health!
Why "Koinonia"? I am glad you asked. This has been our working logo since 1995 because we feel that it embodies everything that a reconciling life through Jesus Christ should be striving for. Koinonia speaks of fellowship, but more than that, a fellowship that is seeking oneness in the reconciling death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior and the community built around and through Him. 
Do we demand that you practice your faith in Jesus Christ as we do? Absolutely, not! However, likewise, we pray that you will not demand that we practice our faith in Jesus Christ as you do. Let us leave our denominational differences at the door, so that in our respective beliefs we may work honoring God and, through this work, bring others to see that there is hope in Jesus Christ beyond our human existence.
Dr. Charles Rogers has degrees in engineering, medicine, and biblical languages. He is trained as a Pastor, Chaplain, and Counselor. It is his desire to use each of these tools to the betterment of the Kingdom of God through Pastoral counseling, proclaiming the Word of God, and occasionally, the practice of complementary medicine. 
Dr. Rogers primarily works as a Chaplain. Pastoral Counseling is offered on a fee for service basis and is provided by using either in-home visit, in-hospital, specified site meeting, or online audio/video. Other aspects of his ministry involve preaching and teaching with donations accepted to support this part of the ministry. 
You may make donations to Koinonia Health fund, c/o Charles Rogers,  1013 Tobias Dr, Lyons, KS 67554; or by using the Donate button below. You can contact Dr. Rogers through the contact page on this website.
(Updated 5/2019)